Chinese Coinage, An excellent website on all kinds of Chinese coinages.

   - Hosted by Dr. Belyaev Vladimir, Moscow. Russia. (English)

National Historical Museum's official website (Taiwan)

   - On-line exhibition of its most important sycee collection - A 50 tael Yuanbao in the 14th year of Ze Yuan (1277 A.D.) of the Yuan Dynasty. (Chinese Big 5/English)   

Hanaga (Hong Kong)

   - An excellent image bank on many sycee collection of the major museums in China.  (English/Chinese GB, Big 5)

Chopmarks and Philippines Counterstamped Coinage

   - A great source of information on Chopmarked coins circulated in China, hosted by Jose Sos Gallen Manuel in Spain (Spanish/English)

Coins and banknotes of Vietnam and French Indochina, hosted by Sema. This site provides fruitful information relating to its title; some silver ingots from China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand are also covered. (English)   

Authentication of Ancient China's Gold and Silver Coinages, hosted by Ms. Maggie Li, a curator of the Chekiang Museum in China. Ms. Li is a young and famous scholar specialized in various sycee of the Southern Sung era whose works can be frequently seen in many numismatic journals of Taiwan and China. (Simplified Chinese in GB code)