A Catalogue of Sycee in the British Museum - Chinese Silver Currency Ingots c. 1750-1933

wpe3.jpg (30639 個位元組)

Author:         Joe Cribb

Language:     English 

Page:            366  and 71 plates of pictures in B/W

Publishing Date & Place: 1992. London, Great Britain    

Publisher:      British Museum Press

List Price:      95 British pounds

ISBN:           0-7141-0873-1


       * Based on the British Museum's 332 pieces of sycee which many of them were acquired from Eduard Kann's collection, Author includes more materials from various sources such as other museums, private collectors, dealers, auctions and sales catalogue. About 1,300 sycee specimens are covered in this book. 


      * This book provides fruitful first-handed reports of westerners- A. Hosie, J. Percy,  Morrison,  Morse and some others, who had been resided in or visited to China during the 19th or early 20th century. The information given by these witness reporters of Chinese sycee cultures are very helpful to the related researches in nowadays, it stands for a brand new vision to Chinese readers or researchers who having got used to the absence of western accounts on such a topic for a long time. 


      *  It can be considered as a pity that, only a portion of the specimens depicted are illustrated, and BM did not extend its Chinese sycee collection to cover those specimens of earlier dates. 

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