Representing shapes along the dynasties before Ching (     -1644)

Tang ( 618-907 A.D.)

Sung ( Northern: 960-1127 A.D., Southern: 1127-1279 A.D.)

Yuan ( Mongolian Empire: 1206-1271 A.D., Yuan Dynasty: 1271-1368 A.D.)

Ming ( 1368-1644 A.D.) 

Various regional shapes arising from the Ching Dynasty ( 1644-1911 A.D.) and lasting until the Republican Era (民國 1912-1933 A.D.)

Boat 馬蹄銀

Waist 腰錠

Round 圓錠

Saddle 牌坊錠

Square 方錠

Drum 圓碗錠

Groove 槽錠

Square Trough 砝碼錠

Tea Blossom 茶花錠

"Broken Silver" 碎銀

Good Luck 吉慶語錠

Miscellanies 其他