Chinese Sycees

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Author: Chang, Huei Hsin

Language: Chinese 

Page: 352 (B/W)

Publishing Date & Place: 1988.08. Taiwan    

Volume: 1st Ed., 1,000 copies 

List Price:  NT$900

Private issue


The first scholarly work on the subject of Chinese sycee with hundreds of pictures  illustrated.


Chang Huei Hsin is a renown numismatist in Taiwan who is also an author of a several books on Chinese currency, including machine struck coins and silver sycee. This book, embedded with his profound knowledge, is a must-read for collectors or researchers.    


Listed below are the major contents of this book which also reveal author's in-depth research on sycee from all respects.


   1. Use of silver in Chinese History

   2. Casting sycee and the issuance

   3. Weighing Scale and purity standard, and the major circulated sycee in

      each province

   4. Virtual silver tael and the exchange of different regional sycee

   5. An essay on the Yunnan Square and Saddle Sycee

   6. Taxation system and tax silvers of the Ching Dynasty

   7. Collecting sycee and its investment 


 This book has been out-of-print. 

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