Hobei 50 Tael 

wpe5.jpg (93950 個位元組)No. Hb50/1


Weight: 1662 grams/45 taels


Date: 1931 A.D.


Inscriptions: 京都/民國二十年/天福記字號

The Capital City (Beijing)

The 20th Year of the Republic of China

Tien Fu Ji Firm



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wpe1.jpg (107641 個位元組)No. Hb50/2


Weight: 1868 grams/50 taels


Date: 1875-1908 A.D.


Inscriptions: 光緒年月日/蔚州/長盛厚

Kuang Hsu Year Month

Wei District

Chang Shen Hou (Silver Bank)



Most of the 50 Tael Boat of Wei District were cast in Kalgan of Shansi Province for the purpose of the trades between the Han and Mongolian tribes 


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wpe1.jpg (75869 個位元組)No. Hb50/3


Weight: 1850 grams/50 taels


Date: 1909-1911 A.D.


Inscriptions: 宣統年月/蔚州/德裕恒

Hsuan Tung Year Month

Wei District

Der Yu Heng (Silver Bank)

Chopmarks: 趙寶義

Zhao Bao Yi (Name of an assayer)



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