Research on the Gold and Silver in The Tang and Sung Periods. Vol. I & II

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        Author: Kato Shigeru

Language: Chinese (A translation of the author's original work in Japanese) 

Page: Vol. I: 281;  Vol II: 270

Publishing Date & Place (Chinese ed.):  1978. Taiwan    

Publisher:    Wen Hai Publishing Co.

List Price:    NT$460


The author, Kato Shigeru was a famous Japanese historian specialized in ancient China's economic history; this work completed in the pre WWII era, which is known as his masterpiece.


On this scholarly work of an early year on the subject of the gold and silver in the Tang and Sung Dynasties, the author employed tremendous Chinese historical materials to discover, analyze and conclude whether these two precious metals were mature enough to be positioned as a "currency" at these two early stages in Chinese history.


And also, as a side research of the author, Chinese sycee of  later periods were also included in this book, on which he illustrated two Yuan Dynasty 50 tael Axed salvaged from Japan Sea, a several Chekiang Rounds of the Ching Dynasty shipped into Japan by their monks or merchants around 1780s, a few Kuantung Square Troughs and other kinds treasured  in the Paris Currency Museum, and some Vietnamese silver bars of the 18th century.


Its Chinese Edition was just reprinted in 1999 in Taiwan.

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