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   歷經四年之研究, 網主將於七月份出版第三本銀錠書籍, 書名為"清代南方諸省方鏪考"


    After a 4 year research, Stephen is going to publish his 3rd book on sycee in July, 2003. The title of the book is  "A Study on Square Troughs of the Southern Provinces During the Ching Dynasty".


  本書將是第一本以兩廣, 湖南, 福建, 江西, 安徽等南方各省於清代所鑄行的方鏪(砝碼錠)為探討主題的專著. 共一百七十頁, 附圖(黑白)一百四十禎, 使用與分類之實物資料約三百餘件. 以中文寫成. 其目次臚列於下.


    This book will be the first scholarly work researching various Square Troughs cast and circulated in the Southern Provinces of China throughout the Ching Dynasty, 170 pages including 140 pictures and about 300 specimens of Kuangsi, Kuangtung, Hunan, Fujien, Jiangsi and Anhuei listed and categorized. It is written in the Chinese language (Apology to those non-Chinese readers). The contents of the book are as in below .


  有鑑於銀錠愛好者人數尚為有限, 為避免庫存與過高的出版成本, 本書將以桌上排版影印之方式出版, 數量不超過200本. 每本售價為台幣八百元(郵費另計).


   To satisfy the need of the sycee community whose size is rather limited, on one hand,  and to save cost and inventories, on the other hand,  no more than 200 copies of the book will be published by way of desktop publishing and photocopying.  The unit price of the book is US$25 (Postage excluded).


  本書現在接受預訂, 請以電子郵件告知(1) 訂購人姓名, (2)電子郵件信箱 (3) 郵寄地址, (4) 希望郵寄之方法.  現暫無需付款, 待出書後, 會以電子郵件通知, 確認書款與運費後再行付款 .


   To subscribe the book, please write the author an email indicating (1) Name of the subscriber (2) Email Address of the subscriber (3) Mailing address for delivering  book (4) Desired delivery method.  A subscriber does not need to pay anything until the book is about delivered, and the subscriber will receive an email  informing  the payment payable for the book and the desired shipment , as soon as the book is available.



書名: 清代南方諸省方鏪考 (Book Title: A Study on Square Troughs of the Southern Provinces During the Ching Dynasty)


第一章:方鏪探源 (Chapter I: The Birth of Square Troughs)


明代南方諸省的金花銀 (Golden Flowery Silver of the Southern Provinces in the Ming Dynasty)


圖:南方方鏪分佈地區 (Fig. Distribution of Square Troughs in the Southern China)

圖:宋代至清代銀錠器型之演變 (Fig. Evolution of Sycee Patterns from the Sung Dynasty to the Ching Dynasty)

圖:早晚期型馬蹄銀對照 (Fig. Contrast of The Early Type and the Later Type Boat Sycee of the Ming Dynasty) 

圖:宋鋌 (Fig. The Sung Axed Sycee)

圖:元鋌 (Fig. The Yuan Axed Sycee)


馬蹄銀在南方各省的發展 (The Development of the Boat Sycee in the Southern Provinces)


圖:明代早期型馬蹄銀 (Fig. The Early Type Boat Sycee of the Ming Dynasty)

圖:明代晚期型馬蹄銀 (Fig. The Later Type Boat Sycee of the Ming Dynasty)


南方諸省受金花銀器型之影響 (The Influences of Golden Flowery Silver among the Southern Provinces)



第二章:   廣西方鏪 (Chapter II: The Kuangsi Square Troughs)

乾隆初年的北流錠 (Bei-Liu Sycee of the Early Chien Lung Period)


乾隆後期出現的方鏪 (Square Troughs Appearing at the later Chien Lung Period)


方鏪官錠 (Official Square Trough)

) 早期型官錠 (乾隆後期-道光年間) (The Early Stage Specimens, from the later Chien Lung to the Tao Kuang Period) 


加蓋三個戳印 (3 Stamps)

加蓋四個戳印 (4 Stamps)

) 中期型官錠 (道光年間-光緒十二年前後) (The Mid Stage Specimens, from the Tao Kuang Period to the 12th Year of Kuang Hsu)


加蓋四個戳印 (4 Stamps)

加蓋五個戳印 (5 Stamps)


表:官估任期表 (Table: Term of the Official Assayers)

表:同姓銀匠官估組合 (Table: The Teaming of the silversmiths and Official Assayers with an Identical Last Name)

) 晚期型官錠 (光緒十二年前後-清末) (The Later Stage Specimens, from the 12th Year of  Kuang Hsu to the end of the Ching Dynasty) 


    晚期I (Type I)

                晚期II (Type II)


二、方鏪商錠 (Mercantile Square Troughs)

) 廣州十三行的商錠 (Specimens relating to "the 13 Firms" of Canton)


() 南幫票號時期的票銀 (Remittance Silver Cast by the Southern Bankers)                 


() 清末改鑄因鴉片貿易大量湧入的外地銀兩而成的化銀 (Recast Silver Imported from Other Provinces for Opium Trades)


     () 向州縣官府繳納稅銀的商鑄化銀 (Mercantile Silver Paid to the Local Governments as a Tax Payment)



  三、廣西方鏪的最後淡出 (Out of Circulation)



清代廣西行政區域表 (Administrative Areas of Kuangsi in the Ching Dynasty)


廣西方鏪資料 (Database of Kuangsi Square Troughs of the Ching Dynasty Known to exist)



第三章: 廣東方鏪 (Chapter III: The Kuangtung Square Troughs)


  一、 方鏪官錠 (Official Square Troughs)


      () 解省方鏪官錠藩紋 (Specimens Submitted to the Provincial Board of Revenue)


      () 粵海關方鏪官錠關紋 (Specimens Submitted to the Kuangtung Maritime Customs)


       關紋I (Type I)

       關紋II (Type II)


      (三) 鹽運司方鏪官錠--鹽紋 (Specimens Submitted to the Salt Administration)


       --發帑收課時期 (乾隆五十三年以前) (Prior to the 53rd year of Chien Lung)


       --改埠歸綱時期 (乾隆五十四年至嘉慶十一年) (Between the 54th year of Chien Lung and the 11th year of Jia Ching)


       --改綱歸所時期 (嘉慶十一年以後) (After the 11th year of Jia Ching)


      () 州縣方鏪官錠存留銀  (Local Reserves)



  二、 方鏪商錠 (Mercantile Square Troughs)


   (一) 廣州十三行方鏪商錠 (Specimens relating to "the 13 Firms" of Canton)


       () 清末南幫票號的方鏪票銀 (Remittance Silver Cast by the Southern Bankers)


清代廣東行政區域表 (Administrative Areas of Kuangsi in the Ching Dynasty)


廣東方鏪資料 (Database of  Kuangtung Square Troughs of the Ching Dynasty Known to exist)



第四章:  湖南方鏪 (Chapter IV: Hunan Square Trough)


  一、 方鏪官錠 (Official Square Troughs)


    () 地丁方鏪 (Land & Poll Tax)


    () 釐金方鏪 (Add-on Tax)


    () 鹽課方鏪 (Salt Tax)


    () 州縣方鏪 (Local Reserves)


    () 官錢局方鏪 (Official Monetary Bureau) 


二、 湖南方鏪商錠 (Mercantile Square Troughs)


 () 湖南票銀 (Remittance Silver Cast by the Local Bankers)


() 南幫票銀 (Remittance Silver Cast by the Southern Bankers)


清代湖南行政區域表 (Administrative Areas of Hunan in the Ching Dynasty)


湖南方鏪資料 (Database of Hunan Square Troughs of the Ching Dynasty Known to exist)



第五章: 福建方鏪 (Chapter V:  Fujien Square Troughs)

洋錢與匯兌大幅取代銀錠的流通 (Foreign Silver Coins and Remittances Largely Replaced the Local Sycee in Fujien)


同治以前的饅頭錠 (Steamed Bun Sycee Cast Mainly before the Tung Tze Period)


近年出土的一批清代早期福建方鏪 (A Hoard of  Fujien Square Troughs Unearthed in the Recent Years)


福建方鏪與饅頭錠均受鄰省銀錠型制之影響 (The Influences of the Sycee Patterns of Neighboring Provinces to Fujien Square Troughs and Steamed Bun) 


清代福建行政區域表 (Administrative Areas of Fujien in the Ching Dynasty)




第六章: 江西方鏪 (Chapter VI: Jiangsi Square Troughs)


明代方鏪 (Squares Troughs in The Ming Dynasty)


方寶與馬蹄銀 (Squares and Boats)


方鏪與鏡面錠 (Square Troughs and Mirror-Faces)


方鏪官錠 (Official Square Troughs)


方鏪商錠 (Mercantile Square Troughs)


清代江西行政區域表 (Administrative Areas of Jiangsi in the Ching Dynasty)


江西方鏪資料 (Database of Jiangsi Square Troughs of the Ching Dynasty Known to exist)




第七章 安徽方鏪 (Chapter VII: Anhuei Square Troughs)


華南方鏪與華北馬蹄銀兩大勢力的分野 (Boundary between Square Troughs of the South and Boats of the North)


安徽方鏪日漸式微 (Square Troughs Were Fading Away) 


方鏪官錠 (Official Square Troughs)


方鏪商錠 (Mercantile Square Troughs)


清代安徽行政區域表 (Administrative Areas of Anhuei in the Ching Dynasty)


安徽方鏪資料 (Administrative Areas of Anhuei in the Ching Dynasty)




第八章 其他省份的待考品 (Chapter VIII: Square Troughs of Other Provinces)


貴州 (Kueichow)


江蘇 (Jiangsu)




第九章 方鏪的分類與評價 (Chapter IX: The Categorization and Evaluation of Square Troughs)



銀錠中的共和與飛龍(The Rarity among All Sycee)


分類與評價的關係 (The Relationship between Category and Evaluation)


兩廣與湖南方鏪的分類 (The Categories of Kuangsi, Kuangtung and Hunan Square Troughs)


符合歷史發展的分類基礎下之合理評價 (Reasonable Appraisal Based on a Category in Accordance with the Historical Development of Square Troughs)





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