The Pictorial Yuanbao

wpeC.jpg (31059 個位元組)


Edited by: China Numismatics Association, Shaanxi Branch

Language: Chinese 

Page: 511 (28 in color, 473 in B/W)

Publishing Date & Place: 1991.04. Xian City, Shaanxi, China    

Volume:  1st Ed., 3,000 copies 

List Price: RMB 95

Published by:  San Chin Publishing Co.

ISBN: 7-80546-345-X/K.III


An illustrated catalogue of Chinese Yuanbao (sycee) consisting of 1,500 specimens categorized by their origin provinces.


Most of the illustrated specimens were recruited from the collections of regional official sectors in China governing historical artifacts.


Most of the illustrated specimens are of the Ching Dynasty.


Out of print. 

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