1763 Carolus III Pillar Dollar  

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No Pillar/3

Minted in Mexico, 8 Reales, dated 1763 

Cast in the period of Carolus III

Weight: 27+ grams

Chinese chopmarks:

                                    Font/ Font Size  
  <2.0mm  2.0-3.0mm  3.0-4.0mm >4.0mm
Characters 王 天 士 光 占 石 士 刀 万 順 丕 又 元 主 信 六 金 大 番 手 仁 泉 正 日 元 全 上 長 () () 士 宣 源 和
Symbols   ( ()    

( ): Inscription in relief

: Yin (Silver)

番: Fang (Barbarian)

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