Shansi Waist

No. Ssw/1


Weight: 184 grams/5 taels


Date: 1902 A.D.


Inscriptions: 晉泰銀號/寅山

Jin Tai Silver Bank

Yin San



寅 "Yin": The year of Zen Yin of the Celestial calendar (1902).


山 "San": Name of furnace


Collection of the webmaster

wpe1.jpg (12211 個位元組)No. Ssw/2


Weight: 195 grams/5+ taels


Date: N/A


Inscriptions: 天集慶/紋銀


Tien Ji Ching (Silver bank)

Wen Yin (Wave silver or Fine silver)



Collection of Lisa and Dan

No. Ssw/3


Weight: 5 taels


Date: 1910 A.D.


Inscriptions: 晉泰銀號/庚人

Jin Tai Silver Bank

Gan Zen



庚 "Gan": The year of Gan Hsu of the Celestial calendar (1910).


人 "Zen": Name of furnace


Collection of Hu Chun Chung

No. Ssw/4


Weight: 5 taels


Date: 1905 A.D.


Inscriptions: 晉泰銀號/乙尔

Jin Tai Silver Bank

Yi Er



乙 "Yi": The year of Yi Sze of the Celestial calendar (1905).


尔 "Zen": Name of furnace


Collection of Hu Chun Chung                   

No. Ssw/5


Weight: 5 taels


Date: 1903 A.D.


Inscriptions: 晉泰銀號/卯金刀

Jin Tai Silver Bank

Mao Gin Dao



卯 "Yi": The year of Kuei Mao of the Celestial calendar (1903).


金 "Gin": Gold


刀 "Dao": Knife


The 3 characters "卯","金", "刀" constitute a last name "劉" (Liu), which imply the name of the smith who casts this piece.  


Collection of Hu Chun Chung          

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