Spanish 4-Reale Cob (Phillip IV, 1621-1665)


Spanish Colonial Mexico, 4 Reale Cob. N.D.

Mint Mark: oM;   Assayer Mark: P

Cast in the period of 1634-1665

Weight: 13.6 grams

Chinese chopmarks:   

(1) 木 (Mu, in relief, diameter<4.0 mm): Wood

(2) (Symbol, in intaglio, diameter<2.0mm )

(3) 工 (Kong, in intaglio, diameter<2.0mm): Work, Labor

(4) 兆 (Zhao, in relief, diameter<3.0mm): Sign, One hundred billion

(5) 仁 (Zen, in relief, length<2.0 mm): Benevolence

(6) (Symbol, by engraving, diameter<2.0mm)

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