1000 Varieties of Chinese Sycee Collection of Su Yin Tang

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Editor: Chen, H. P.


Page: 288 (54 in color, 234 in B/W)

Publishing Date & Place: 1988.02, Taiwan    

Volume: 1st Ed. 1,000 copies 

List Price:  NT$900

Private publication


"1000 Varieties of Chinese Sycee Collection of Su Yin Tang", is a catalogue illustrating 1,000 kinds of Chinese sycee collected by Su Yin Tang.


This book is the 1st catalogue focused on sycee, are illustrated and categorized by time and provinces. It provides readers with a brief, but systematic guide to build up general knowledge about Chinese sycee, which was a long forgotten topic at that time. 


The author H. P. Chen, is a numismatist and professional dealer who owned the largest private sycee collection in the world, of more than 1000 pieces and 10,000 taels, until he sold them all in 1994. Fortunately, 762 pieces of Chen's collection were acquired by the National Historical Museum in Taiwan for a permanent exhibition. The author gave the name of Su Yin Tang to his sycee collection as a memorial to his late father.


 This book is out-of-print.   

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