Sycee Checks

wpe5.jpg (35456 個位元組)Sck/1    A Primitive Personal Check of China of 1747


Payment of 25.716 Taels payable to Payee Wang by Payer Duang Ze You, witnesses by Li Chou Yong Grocery Store. Issued at the 24th Day, the 3rd Month, the 12 Year of Chien Lung (1747).


Payment to be paid at the mid of the 7th month of the year, under the presence of the 3 parties. 

wpe8.jpg (33258 個位元組)Sck/2  An Early Foreign Bank Check Issued in Shanghai of 1862


The first foreign exchange bank- The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China opened in Shanghai in 1858(*). Since 1860's, western bank checks appeared actively in China.     


This check was issued by one of the Chartered Bank's rival in China--the Oriental Bank. It demanded the cashier-Bank of England pay to the Oriental Bank Corporation itself 23 pounds 8 shillings sterling.


(*) Compton Mackenzie. "Realms of Silver", Chapter v. China; the Treaty Ports; the Banks opens in Shanghai and Hong Kong; exchanging banking in China in the 1860's; the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. 52-64 pp. 

wpeB.jpg (33270 個位元組)Sck/3 A Compradore's Pay Check Issued in Shanghai of 1929


Issued by the Shanghai Municipal Council, Electricity Department dated Aug. 9, 1929


Payment of 167.75 taels payable to Katoh Co.


Exchanged by the Sumitomo Bank.

wpeD.jpg (30062 個位元組)Sck/4  A Shanghai Foreign Company's Pay Check of 1929


Issued by the Universal Leaf Tobacco Co., of China dated Jul. 3rd, 1929

Payment of 2,500 taels payable to the Equitable Eastern Banking Corporation. At present, personal loans for folks with unfavorable credit standing are given to borrowers not simply to provide financial help, but also offer as a route for borrowers to upgrade their credit ranking. Learn more with Micro Enterprise Works - same day payday loans

Payment undertaken by the Equitable Eastern Banking Corporation.

wpe1.jpg (103696 個位元組)     wpe6.jpg (92833 個位元組)Sck/5   A Capital Beijing Local Bank Check of 1900


Issued by Heng Der Silver Bank immediately before the outbreaking of Boxer Rebellion in 1900.

For 1 tael of silver in 98% fineness and of the Beijing weighing standard 

Reportedly, almost all the local banks were liquidated due to the Boxer Rebellion.

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