The Legends of Chinese Currencies

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Author: Chang, Huei Hsin

Language: Chinese 

Page: 276 (B/W)

Publishing Place: Taiwan    

Edition:  1st ed., 1st print 1991.08;  2nd print 1992.09; 2nd ed.- 1st print 1993.10;  2nd print 1995.10  

List Price: NT$200

Publisher: Tai Young Publishing Co.

ISBN: 957-8590-18-0


Another masterpiece on Chinese currency authored by Chang Huei Hsin.

This book includes author's 40 some articles published in a column of United News (One of Taiwan's major newspaper), Palace Museum's Bi-Monthly and a several magazines in Taiwan over last few years.

Author's plain and humorous writing, in associated with fruitful historical materials, creating a easy and comprehensive way for his readers to learn possibly the most sophisticated numismatic historical system of mankind, from ancient knives, spades, ant-nose money, to cash coins, machine struck coins, paper money, and to great varieties of sycee currency. This book has been welcomed in Taiwan since it being initially published in 1991, more than 4,000 copies were sold before its out-of-print in 1996-1997. It is regarded as one of the best seller's among all numismatic publications in Taiwan.

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