Xi Kan Drum

No. Xk10/1

Weight: 333 grams/9 taels

Date: N/A

Inscriptions: 興康分金爐/興康分金爐

Hsin Kan (Silver shop) Feng Jin Lu (Refinery Furnace)


Collection of Lisa and Dan Malloy

No. Xk10/2

Weight: 350 grams/10- taels

Date: 1929 A.D.

Inscriptions: 康定縣/楊昇記/民國拾捌年

Kang Ding County

Yang Shen Firm

The 18th Year of the Republic of China


XiKan 西康 was a province established in 1928 by the Republican China with its territory divided from Szechuan and Tibet.  It was outlawed  by the PRC government in 1955, and  Kang Ding County was the capital city of this short-life province.

Collection of the webmaster

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