Introduction to Trading Platform

Being on internet for almost 6 years, Sycee-On-Line has become one of the major sources of information on sycee and has attracted many people's attention. Over the past few years, the numbers of collectors and dealers on sycee are both increasing significantly. From time to time, there have been many friends, including dealers and collectors from different countries, asking me for help. Except for to authenticate sycee for them, sometimes they also asked me to sell them one or a few examples from my sycee collections or markets, or to buy from them their sycee, or solicit other collectors to buy. Thus, I have been thinking of establishing a platform on the website to serve those needs.
This is an experiment to provide sycee buyers and sellers with a safer and reliable environment in buying or selling their sycee, and this environment seems more and more crucial.  Not long ago;  a collector came to me with all the expensive sycee he bought over the past few months, but almost all of them are counterfeits. His accumulated loss is assumed to be no less than US$0.3M!   

Advanced collectors all know that, sycee is not of a kind of ordinary commodity which suitable to auction in internet if without the supervision or guidance of experts, and a sycee buyer, if not being able to see the sycee in transaction in person, is better to listen to an expert for his/her opinions. This may reduce the risk of buying in a counterfeit to a very low degree. The followings are the basic ideas about running Trading Platform

1. Any person who desires to sell their sycee (as "Sycee Seller") may consign Sycee-On-Line to sell their sycee on Trading Platform, and Sycee-On-Line will authenticate the sycee before accepting the consignment. Any person who desires to buy the consigned sycee listed on Trading Platform is welcomed to contact Sycee-On-Line.

2. In order to authenticate the consigned sycee , Sycee Sellers shall provide Sycee-On-Line with photos faithfully showing the conditions of the consigned sycee. Sycee-On-Line may further request Sycee Seller to send the consigned sycee to its designated location for further inspection, if it considers necessary. The consignment will be rejected, should the consigned sycee is suspected or authenticated to be not genuine. Sycee-On-Line reserves the right to terminate a consignment at any time without giving any reason.

3. Sycee Seller shall be responsible for the pricing and authenticity of the consigned sycee.

4. Sycee-On-Line shall provide reasonable effort in authenticating every consigned sycee before accepting the respective consignments and then providing brief introduction in associated with necessary information available to Sycee-On-Line. Notwithstanding that, however, any authentication, comments or information provided by Sycee-On-Line under a consignment shall be deemed as a kind of consulting opinions based on the webmaster's knowledge and experience, all of which shall be subject to the final decision of the parties of a transaction. Sycee-On-Line will not guarantee nor be responsible for the result of any incorrect authentication or comments.  

5. Email Stephen for More Information on using Trading Platform


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