Jiangsi 50 Tael Boat

No. Jsb50/1


Weight: 50 taels


Date: 1875-1908 A.D.


Inscriptions: 九江新關/光緒年月/永昌銀爐


Gio Jiang New Customs*

Kuang Hsu Year Month

Yong Chang Silver Furnace


Chopmarks: 福/壬


Fu (Luck)

Zen (One of the Heavenly Stems of the Celestial Calendar)




One of the 3 treaty ports along the Yangtze River opened at the 8th year of Hsien Feng (1858), according to the Tienjing Treaty between the Chinese and British governments. 


An ex collection of Su Yin Tang


Collection of C. F. Liu

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