Shaansi Boat (Minor)

wpe1.jpg (44200 個位元組)No. Sasm/1

Weight: 38 grams/1 tael

Inscriptions: 長武/王有

Chang Wu (County)

Wang Yu (The smith)


In addition to Sas50/1, this piece is the 2nd Shaansi sycee we have found which is cast in boat shape. Even though its shape is different from a typical Shaansi groove, and it weighs only 1 tael, it still carries a big square stamp with the inscriptions of the names of the place and the smith, representing where it was cast and who cast it, a characteristic of all Shaansi sycee. 

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No. Sasm/2

Weight: 97 grams/3- tael

Inscriptions: 白水/王

Bai Sui (County)

Wang Wen (The smith)


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