Spanish 4 Reale Cob (Philip IV, 1621-1665)


Spanish Colonial Mexico, 4 Reale Cob. N.D.

According to the "Fluer de Lils" and the coat of arm that partially visible, this piece is believed to have been cast in the Mexico Mint during the period of the Philip IV (1621-1665)

Weight: 11.8 grams

Chinese chopmarks:   

(1) 山 (Shan, by engraving, diameter<4.0 mm ): Mountain

(2)  (Symbol, in intaglio, diameter<2.0 mm)

(3) (Symbol, by engraving, length<4.0 mm)   


* is a symbol of Axed Sycee. Also seen on Cob-4, Cob-7

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