Spanish 8 Reale Cob (Philip IV, 1634-1665)

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Spanish Colonial Mexico, 8 Reale Cob. N.D.

Mint Mark: oM, Assayer Mark: P

Cast in the period of 1634-1665

Weight: 26.5 grams

Chinese chopmarks:           
(1) 芝 (Ze, in relief, 3-4 mm):  Name of a plant

(Wang, in relief, 3-4 mm ): Last name

(3) 天 (Tien,
in intaglio, <2 mm): Heaven, Sky

(4) 上
(Shan, in intaglio, <2 mm): Rise, Increase   

(5) 五月
(Wu Yue, in relief, 3-4 mm): The 5th Month

(6) 士 (Shi, in intaglio, <2 mm): The intellectual, soldier

(7) 六 (Liou, in relief, 3-4 mm): Six                          

 (Symbol, in intaglio, < 2mm)  

(9) (Symbol, in intaglio, < 2mm): A symbol of Axed Sycee prevailing in the Sung and Yuan Dynasty. Also seen on Cob-4, Cob-5

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