Silver Sycee with Gold

wpe16.jpg (10412 個位元組)          wpe10.jpg (6669 個位元組)

Weight: 31.8 grams (8 maces)


Shou (Longevity)  

These  images show a good-luck silver sycee-one genuinely made and plated with gold. Obviously, this luxurious specimen was cast by rich people for presentation, rather than for circulation.

Gold had never been widely used as a currency in China because of its rarity and high value.  It was usually treated as important treasure or an asset of the rich. 

It is, however, interesting  that historical records indicate older sycee of the Hsien Feng and earlier reigns of the Ching Dynasty contained gold.  Refining a 50 tael sycee could  produce 1-2 maces
(3.6.-7.2 grams) of gold, and this became a very profitable business for the silver banks in the past.

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