Sycee Talks

A Sycee Evidencing a Piece of History 

Buried Treasure of Emperor Wan Li of The Ming Dynastyso-88

Fake Sycee

Valuation of Sycee

Story of An Imitated Dated Saddle Sycee

An Exception to the "First-in, First-out" Policy of Emperor Kangsi (1662-1722)

Issuance of Sycee

Silver Sycee with Gold

Known Heaviest Saddle Sycee

An Unique Type--Jiangsu Boat with Engraved Inscriptions

A 50 Tael Axed Sycee with Inscriptions Articulating the Salt Tax System of the Jing Dynasty

Kungtung Square Trough Inscribed with Title of Deputy Commissioner on Salt Administration    

A Square Trough in the Kuangtung Pattern but with an Obsolete Place Name of Jiangsu  

Quest for a Manchurian Drum

"Red Envelopes" of Silver Banks

Yunnan Sycee Casting Firms' Fineness Standardized Silver

"Dirty" Jiangsi Silver Ingots

  A Single Groove in the Yunnan Pattern but Inscribed with a Place Name of Jiangsu

Sycee Cast by the Branches of the Sino-Russo Asiatic Bank

Dream Sycee - A Fujien Maritime Customs 10 Tael Steamed Bun

A Li Tax Sycee Cast by the Hunan Monetary Bureau for Inter-governmental Repayment

A Southern Sung Axed with Inscriptions Fulfilling Monetary Requirements 

A Forgotten Kueichow Official Monetary Bureau Drum in 5 Taels

Szechuan Li Tax on Salt Licenses Good for the Province

Tax Increases during the Late Ming Dynasty

A Sycee Shaped Royal Porcelain Box Made in the Lung Ching Reign of the Ming Dynasty

Chen Yuan Chang Firm's Saddle Assayed in Kunming and Its Outside

A Shanghai 50 Tael Boat Featured in the Shansi Type

Yi Ho , Jardine  and the 13 Firms in Canton

Investigation of the Title Deed Records of the Hui Zhou Area during the Qing (Ching, 1644-1911) Dynasty

A Canton Jin Ze Tax Treasury Silver from the Southern Sung Dynasty

A Drum Sycee from The Bund Customs

Regarding a Szechuan Salt Merchant-大生厚 (Da Shen Ho)

A Recent Excavation of a Sycee Hoard from the Southern Sung Dynasty

A Gold Ingot from the Southern Sung Dynasty

An Offering Silver for the Grand Ceremony from the Southern Sung Dynasty

Wheat Season of the Southern Areas to the Yangtze River

The Meaning of "鹽庫"(Salt Treasury) Inscribed on a Szechuan Drum

A Szechuan Local Reserve Drum

Annual Salt Distribution Quota (ASDQ) in Szechuan, and a Salt Capital Piece Relating to ASDQ Cast by its Officials 


Glorious Mercy from Emperor Zhen Der of the Ming Dynasty 明正德恩榮銀錢

Story Told by Stamps of a Kuangsi Square Trough

An Ancient Imitation of  Gold Coin from the Heraclius of the Byzantine Empire Excavated in China

A Famous Yunnan Gold Leaf

A Taiwan Gold Tael Dated 1950

A Gold Piece Cast from the Taiwan Gold Saving Policy as of 1949-1950

Customs Tax of Ancient Time Lump Silver of the Kuangtung Trade Ship Commission

50 Tael Tribute Silver for Holy Festival from the Southern Sung Dynasty

Military Aid to the Frontier