Yunnan Big Rectangle #1

No. Ybr/1


Weight: 377 grams/10 taels


Date: N/A


Inscriptions: 蒙化廳/銀匠朱彩


Mon Hua District

Silversmith Ju Chai




Collection of the webmaster 

wpe6.jpg (62474 個位元組)No. Ybr/2


Weight: 278 grams/7.5 taels


Date: N/A


Inscriptions: 白井課/匠李含萬


White Salt Well (District) Tax

Smith Li Han Wan




Collection of the webmaster 

wpe7.jpg (8452 個位元組)No. Ybr/3


Weight: 500 grams/14 taels


Date: 1830 A.D.


Inscriptions: 廣南府/庚寅年/梁永和


Kuang Nan Prefecture

Year Gan Yin (The 10th Year of Tao Kuang)

Liang Yong Ho (The smith)

Counterstamps: 課銀


Tax Silver




Collection of Hu Chun Chung 

wpe8.jpg (7482 個位元組)No. Ybr/4


Weight: 450 grams/12.5 taels


Date: N/A


Inscriptions: 景東廳

Jing Tung District



Collection of Hu Chun Chung 

wpe6.jpg (35512 個位元組)No. Ybr/5


Weight: 360 grams/10 taels


Date: 1829 A.D.


Inscriptions: 道光九年/賓川州課/銀匠秦岳

The 9th Year of Tao Kuang

Bin Chuan District Tax (Silver)

Silversmith Chin Yue

Assaying chop: 銀匠秦岳

Silversmith Chin Yue



Collection of Hu Chun Chung 

wpe5.jpg (22205 個位元組)No. Ybr/6


Weight: 417 grams/12 taels


Date: N/A


Inscriptions: 姚州/官銀匠/賀定一

Yao District

Official Silversmith

Ho Ding Yi (The smith)



Collection of Tony Ma

wpe5.jpg (33272 個位元組)No. Ybr/7


Weight: 383 grams/10+ taels


Date: 1847 A.D.


Inscriptions: 石膏井/道光二十七年/銀匠徐學

Gypsum Well (District)

The 27th Year of Tao Kuang

Silversmith Hsu Hsueh



Gypsum Well District was a salt production area adjacent to the Black Salt Well Distict


Collection of the webmaster

wpe9.jpg (71781 個位元組)No. Ybr/8


Weight: 368 grams/10 taels


Date: 1855 A.D.


Inscriptions: 順甯縣/咸豐五年/銀匠趙荷

Shun Ning County

The 5th Year of Hsien Feng

Silversmith Zhao Ho







Collection of the webmaster

wpe9.jpg (44241 個位元組)No. Ybr/9


Weight: 352 grams/10- taels


Date: 1846 A.D.


Inscriptions: 道光二十六年/白井課/王聚

The 26th Year of Tao Kuang

White (Salt) Well (District) Tax (Silver)

Wang Jiu (The smith)



Hsing (Star)




Collection of Lisa and Dan

wpeC.jpg (38085 個位元組)No. Ybr/10


Weight: 369 grams/10 taels


Date: N/A


Inscriptions: 喬井課/張恒興


Chiao (Ho) (Salt) Well District Tax (Silver)


Chang Heng Hsin (The smith)




Collection of Hu Chun Chung


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