Yunnan Triple Groove #2

wpe6.jpg (35084 個位元組)No. Ytg/11


Weight: 96 grams/2.6 taels


Date: N/A


Inscriptions: 德寶玖捌


Der Bao (Firm)  98 (% of silver fineness)  


Collection of the webmaster

wpe6.jpg (12835 個位元組)No. Ytg/12


Weight: 5 taels


Date: N/A


Inscriptions: 任恆泰號/足色條丁


Zen Heng Tai Firm

Tiao Ding (Land & Poll Tax) in Pure Fineness


Collection of Chang Huei Hsin

wpe6.jpg (4305 個位元組)No. Ytg/13


Weight: 3.5 taels


Date: 1878 A.D.


Inscriptions: 四年鎔盛市解銀


(Kuang Hsu) 4th Year

Zong Shen (Firm) Marketplace Submittal Silver*


"Submittal silver" was a term of praise given to Yunnan sycee by the Chinese in the late Ching Dynasty for their fineness was as good as the tax silver submitted to the imperial government, even though they were not really "submittal tax silver". The true meaning of the inscription should be "A marketplace fine silver". 

Collection of Hu Chun Chung

wpe2.jpg (15229 個位元組)          wpe6.jpg (15787 個位元組)No. Ytg/14


Weight: 154 grams/4.3 taels


Date: N/A


Inscriptions: 雷慶泰號/足色解銀


Lei Ching Tai Firm

Submittal Silver in Sufficient Purity


Symbol on the back: Double cash


Collection of Hu Chun Chung

wpe1B.jpg (15931 個位元組)No. Ytg/15


Weight: 100 grams/3- taels


Date: 1876 A.D.


Inscriptions: 光緒二年/萬森字號


Wan Shen Firm

Kuang Hsu 2nd Year


Collection of Hu Chun Chung

wpe1.jpg (13135 個位元組)No. Ytg/16


Weight: 116 grams/3.2 taels


Date: 1878 A.D.


Inscriptions: 光緒四年/寶銓字號


Bao Chuan Firm

Kuang Hsu 4th Year


Collection of Hu Chun Chung

wpe1.jpg (15508 個位元組)No. Ytg/17


Weight: 194 grams/5+ taels


Date: 1882 A.D.


Inscriptions: 光緒捌年/寶銓紋銀


Bao Chuan (Firm) Fine Silver

Kuang Hsu 8th Year


This specimen was cast 2 years before the circulation of the first Saddle Sycee.  The weight and appearance of this piece are exactly the same as of a Saddle Sycee, except for the lack of assaying stamps. Obviously, in 1882, this Triple Groove would have been transformed into Saddle Sycee, if the relevant assaying system had been established.  


Collection of Hu Chun Chung

wpe1.jpg (18450 個位元組)No. Ytg/18


Weight: 147 grams/4 taels


Date: N/A


Inscriptions: 黑井袁劉祥

Black (Salt) Well (District) Yuan Liu Hsiang (The smith)


Collection of Hu Chun Chung

wpe1.jpg (44204 個位元組)          wpe9.jpg (30536 個位元組)No. Ytg/19


Weight: 103 grams/3- taels


Date: N/A


Inscriptions: 榮盛字號

Zong Shen Firm

Counterstamp: 解錠

Submittal Silver


This is a scarce type of Triple Groove, with one horizontal stamp and two vertical stamps. The vertical stamps were heavily punched, and as a result the lower part of the silver ingot was flattened and enlarged. This type of sycee was mainly circulated in Kunmin and center Yunnan from the beginning of the Hsieng Feng period (1851-1861) until the early years of Kuang Hsu (1875-1908). 

Most of the specimens of this type of sycee offered for sale over the last several years are counterfeited.  


Collection of the webmaster

wpe1.jpg (27910 個位元組)No. Ytg/20


Weight: 172 grams/5- taels


Date: 1845 A.D.


Inscriptions: 道光二十五年

The 25th Year of Tao Kuang


Collection of Hu Chun Chung



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