Ze Shen Chang Firm  

wpe9.jpg (185431 個位元組)Pic-1          wpeB.jpg (170520 個位元組)Pic-2

Pic-1: The Front of Ze Shen Chang              

Pic-2: Silver Treasury of The Firm


The Ze Shen Chang Firm was a Shansi local bank based in Ping Yiao which created the most important remittance business in the Ching Dynasty. In the early years of Tao Kuang reign (1821-1850), when this firm was just a small dye factory, its owner established a branch in Beijing to begin a network of the first remittance business. This result was that a merchant could enjoy the convenience of consigning his silver to a franchised firm in Beijing and receive the silver from aonther firm in Ping Yiao, without traveling along with his silver for hundreds of miles. After a few years in business, the creditability of the Ze Shen Chang was widely recognized. Business boomed, and the remittance network spread out nationwide. Many local banks began to participate in the remittance business pioneered by Ze Shen Chang.

The remittance business sparked a tremendous flood of capital into Shansi. This is an example of 50 tael boat cast in Ping Yiao County.             

Pictured by Mr. Chang Huei Hsin

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