Outer Mongolia


Weight: 50 taels

Date: 1909-1911


   The year and Month of Hsuan Tung

   Ku-Lun (Ulan Bator, Capital of the Outer Mongolia and of the present Mongolian People's Republic )

   Da Ching Bank (The Imperial Bank of the Ching Dynasty)


Collections of C.F. Liu

The predecessor of Da Ching Bank was Hu Bo Bank (The Bank of the Board of Revenue) which was formally established in 1905 with its headquarter in Beijing; it may be considered as the central bank of the empire. The Hu Bo Bank was renamed as the Da Ching Bank in 1908. Until the Ching Dynasty ended in 1912, this bank had 56 branches over the country, one of which was the Ku Lun branch, set up in 1907.  

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