Trading Platform-50 Taels


Weight: 1882 g

Date: 1850 A.D.

Inscriptions: 道光三十年月.汾陽縣.匠王炳

The 30th Year of Tao Kuang (1850, 1821-1850)

Feng Yang County (in Shansi Province)

Smith Wang Bin


Zhi (Determination)


* Shansi Boat is one of the common types among all 50 taels, but this one dating to the Tao Kuang reign is respectively scarce.

* This piece dated as "the 30th year" of Tao Kuang, rather than "Tao Kuang year" along, was usually used as a tax silver submitted by the provincial government to the imperial government.

* See other Shansi 50 Tael Boats.

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