The Historical Currencies of Yunnan

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Author:  Tang, Guo Yen

Language: Chinese 

Page:  336 (Full color)

Publishing Date & Place: 1989.11. Kunmin City, Yunnan, China 

Publisher:  Yunnan People's (Ren-Min) Publishing Co.   

List Price: RMB120

ISBN:  7-222-00504-8/K.93


For centuries, Yunnan had been contributing the biggest stake of China's annual silver production from the Yuan till the Ching Dynasty, its distinctive and quality silver ingots were well known to the Chinese people. In the Ming Dynasty, Yunnan's gold and silver sycee both were a kind of tribute to the emperors. Since the latter part of the Ching Dynasty, Yunnan turned to be a sales and transportation center for native opiums for decades, vast amount of sycee from other provinces for buying opiums flooded into Yunnan where quickly became an assembly place of all regional sycee.

This book provides, with most of its capacity, a concise introduction on the fascinating background of Yunnan silver ingots among other currencies, in associated with pictures of hundreds of sycee specimens in great detail descending from the axed shaped ingots of the Sung and Yuan Dynasty, early Boat of the Ming Dynasty, and various Squares and Saddle sycee from the Ching Dynasty and early Republican period. The majority of the Sycee specimens illustrated in this book are of the Ching Dynasty which also are a remarkable section in this book, it consists of Big Rectangle, Single Groove, Double Groove, Triple Groove and the famous Gate-Way sycee (Saddle) and some others which had been cast and circulated in Yunnan; and also, a great variety originated from other provinces or neighboring countries but eventually circulated in its regions.

Most of the illustrated sycee specimens were from the collections of  the Yunnan Branch of the People's Bank of China

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