Miscellanies #2

wpeE.jpg (43813 個位元組)No. Msl/11

Weight: 74 grams/ 2 taels

Date: N/A

Inscriptions: 茂順

Mao Soon (Silver bank)


A rare small piece in the Manchurian or Shandong One-Winged Shape.

Collection of Lisa and Dan Malloy 

wpe9.jpg (19128 個位元組)          wpe6.jpg (27842 個位元組)          wpeA.jpg (10521 個位元組)No. Msl/12

Weight: 34.3 grams/ 1- taels

Date: N/A


Symbol of Fish


A Tibetan Buddhist Offering Silver cast by a silver shop in Beijing under consignment.

There were 8 varieties of offering silver which carried the features of a vase, lotus, knot, conch, wheel, canopy, parasol and fish, each of them represented a truth or virtue of the Buddhist faith.  

For reasons unknown, this type of offering silver is seen quite often in the markets of western countries, but is rarely found in China.  

Collection of the webmaster

wpe3.jpg (37274 個位元組)          wpe9.jpg (34602 個位元組)No. Msl/13

Weight: 112 grams/ 3 taels

Date: N/A

Inscriptions: 祥信/金錢商標/電化純銀條/香港/文咸東街

Hsiang Hsin (Silver shop)

Golden Cash Trademark

Electrified Pure Silver Bar

Hong Kong

Wen Hsien E. Street


Cast in around 1930s-1940s

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Collection of the webmaster 

wpe1.jpg (72122 個位元組)No. Msl/14

Weight: 18 grams/ 0.5 tael or 5 maces

Date: 1901 A.D.

Inscriptions: 沐恩弟子劉芝蘭敬奉/康王福主台前/酬謝洪恩/光緒辛丑年八月吉日

Presented by a blessed disciple Liu Tze-Lan to God King Kang, in thanks of his blessing.

The 8th Month, Hsin Chou (27th) Year of Kuang Hsu (1901)

Chopmarks: 金裕興

Gin Yu Hisn (The silver shop)


A Taoist Offering Silver cast by Gin Yu Hsin-aA silver shop, under the consignment of Liu Tze-Lan. 

The inscriptions are engraved. 

Collection of  Hu Chun Chung



Weight: 2 grams

Date: 1515 A.D.

Inscriptions: 正德十年.恩榮

The 10th Year of Zhen Der

Glorious Mercy 


Collection of the webmaster

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