Szechuan Donation Tax

wpe3.jpg (157183 個位元組)No. Sc10/1


Weight: 365 grams/10 taels


Date 1882 A.D.


Inscriptions:  捐輸/八年匠興隆永

Donation (Tax)

(Kuang Hsu) The 8th Year

Hsin Lung Yong (Silver bank)


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wpe6.jpg (134658 個位元組)No. Sc10/5


Weight: 344 grams/9- taels


Date 1862 A.D.


Inscriptions:  同治元年/富順捐輸

The 1st Year of Tong Ze

Fu Soon (County) Donation (Tax)


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wpe6.jpg (142570 個位元組)No. Sc10/14


Weight: 376 grams/10 taels


Date 1882 A.D.


Inscriptions: 銅梁縣/光緒八年捐輸/匠恒泰裕

Tong Liang County

The 8th Year of Kuang Hsu; Donation (Tax)

Smith Heng Tai Yu


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wpe3.jpg (8376 個位元組)No. Sc10/20


Weight: 10 taels


Date 1890 A.D.


Inscriptions:  大竹縣/十六年捐輸/匠裕國泉

Da Ju County

(Kuang Hsu) 16th Year Donation (Tax)

Smith Yu Kuo Chuan


Collection of Chang Huei Hsin

wpe1.jpg (22053 個位元組)      wpe6.jpg (3429 個位元組)No. Sc10/24


Weight: 10 taels


Date 1872 or 1885 A.D.


Inscriptions:  酌捐/十一年匠袁恒泰

(Tong Ze or Kuang Hsu) 11th Year, Yuan Heng Tai (The smith)

Zho Juang (Selective Donation)*


A kind of donation silver whose exact meaning unknown.

Collection of the webmaster

No. Sc10/40

Weight: 10 taels


Date 1911 A.D.


Inscriptions:  新繁縣/宣統三年捐輸/匠裕泰德

Xin Fang County

The 3rd Year of Hsuan Tung; Donation (Tax)

Smith Yu Tai Der


Seen in trade

No. Sc10/52

Weight: 10 taels


Date 1903 A.D.


Inscriptions:  安縣/廿九年捐輸/匠涂裕盛

Ann County

The 29th Year (of Kung Hsu); Donation (Tax)

Smith Tu Yu Shen


Collection of Hu Chun Chung

No. Sc10/54

Weight: 10 taels


Date 1895 A.D.


Inscriptions:  海防/二十一年/匠福泰號

Naval Defense (Donation Tax)

The 21st Year (of Kung Hsu)

Smith Fu Tai Firm


Collection of C. F. Liu

No. Sc10/55

Weight: 10 taels


Date 1898 A.D.


Inscriptions:  匠周源義/樂至縣股票/二十四年

Smith Jou Yuan Yi

Le Zhi County (Zhao Hsin- Fidelity)  Loan Bond

The 24th Year (of Kung Hsu)


Fund raising for the war indemnity payable to Japan according to the Shimonoseki Treaty as of 1895.

Collection of C. F. Liu

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