Simon Chen and His Sycee Collections

I have known Simon Chen only for a few weeks. He first contacted me with some sycee questions, and because of that I was able to see some of his collection. I was shocked when I first saw Simonís collections since it is gold and silver sycee of the Southern Sung Dynasty, and may be the most important and fascinating hoard of this type in existence. However, please note that Simon's collection of gold ingots of the Southern Sung Dynasty is so important and unique that some experts are suspicious whether they are all genuine; particularly, those gold ones. Further research and authentication on those gold pieces may be required.

Even though Simon began his sycee collecting hobby in late 2004, a tremendous commitment of funds, a focus on the theme of Southern Sung Dynasty sycee, plus a bit of luck, contributed to this newcomer developing an incredible hoard of Southern Sung sycee.

With Simonís permission, Sycee-On-Line will introduce some of his important collection.

我才剛認識Simon Chen幾個星期而已. 他為了一些銀錠上的問題聯絡我, 因此我有機會欣賞他的收藏. 第一眼看到Simon 的藏品, 是一股極大的震撼, 那種感覺無言可喻. 那是一些南宋的金銀鋌, 雖然我自己已看過不少相同題裁的收藏, 但很顯然這是我看過的最精彩最重要的一批.

Simon 遲至2004年才開始發展這個收藏的興趣, 可觀資金的投入, 與對於南宋金銀主題的專注, 再加上一點點運氣, 成就了這位新人令人驚豔的絕世收藏.

Simon 的首肯, 本網站將開始介紹他的一些重要藏品.

附帶一提, 對於Simon的南宋金鋌收藏,特別是金鋌部份,有專家對其真偽抱持懷疑的態度. 進一步鑒識與研究是必須的.


Gold Ingots from the Southern Sung Dynasty (南宋金鋌)

Zhou Xi Lang 10 Tael Pure Gold (周四郎十分金十兩金鋌)(存疑品)

Su's Household Han Wu Lang 9 Tael Gold (蘇宅韓五郎九兩金鋌)(存疑品)

Peng Yi Lang's Remark 12.5 Tael Gold (彭一郎記十二兩半金鋌)(存疑品)

Xiang Wu Lang 25 Tael Pure Gold (相五郎十分金二十五兩金鋌)(存疑品)

Chen Er Lang 1 Tael Gold Leaf (陳二郎十分金一兩金葉)(存疑品)

Yen Nien San Lang 1 Tael Gold (嚴念三郎記一兩金鋌)(存疑品)

Silver Sycee from the Southern Sung Dynasty (南宋銀鋌)

Fractional Silver Submitted by the Kuangtung Trade Ship Commission (廣東市舶司起發畸零銀)

Ship Freight for Tax Silver Submitted by the Trade Ship Commission (市舶司起發水腳銀)

Silver from Selling Paper-Note Submitted by the Commissioner of the Kuangtung Trade Ship Commission (廣東提舉司起發賣鈔銀)

50 Tael Tribute Silver for Holy Festival from the Southern Sung Dynasty (淳祐七年五十兩聖節銀)

Military Aid to the Frontier (南宋淮西協餉)

12.5 Taels with Inscriptions of an Civil Official (從事郎錄事參軍趙)

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