The Sung/Jing/Liao Dynasty #4

          No. Su/31

Weight: 12.5 taels 


Date: N/A


Inscriptions by Stamping:





    West of Ba Nan Street (Address of the silver shop where was in the capital Ling An (Now, Hangzhou)) 

    Lump Silver cast in the Capital 

    Wang San Lang- Silversmith 



Additional Inscriptions by Stamping:


    廣東銀庫(Kuangtung Silver Treasury)

    劉梁監驗(Inspection under the supervision of Liu, Liang)

    梁平驗(Inspected by Liang Ping)



Additional Inscriptions by Engraving:


  從事郎錄參(從事郎 錄事參軍)(Title of a low-ranking civil official in charge of Auditing and General Affairs) (Zhao, Last name of the official)





Collection of Simon Chen

Assumed to be part from the recent Nanjing excavation


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