12.31.2000 Add "Shandong, Tai Ann County 50 Tael Boat (Sd50/3)" in Categories and Regions

12.30.2000 Add "Story of An Imitated Dated Saddle Sycee" in "Sycee Talks"

12.29.2000 Add "Honan, Song County 50 Tael Boat (Ho50/4)" in Categories and Regions

12.28.2000 Add "Szechuan 10 Tael Donation Tax Drum (Sc10/14) and Land & Poll Tax Drum (Sc10/15)" in Categories and Regions

12.27.2000 Add "Szechuan 10 Tael Drum Tax Silver for Local Reserve of  Local Governments (Sc10/9-12) and for Submission to the Provincial Government (Sc10/13)" in Categories and Regions

12.26.2000 Add "Szechuan 10 Tael Drums for Mercantile Use (Sc10/6,7,8)"in Categories and Regions

12.25.2000 Add "Illustrated Land & Poll Tax System and the Tax Silver Submission in the Early China" in Related Subjects

12.24.2000 Add "Jiangsi Gio Jiang New Custom 50 Tael Boat &

                                 "Jardines Fleming's 10 Tael Square Trough (Kt10/4)" in Categories and Regions 

12.23.2000 Add "Soon Tien Prefecture 3 Tael Soldier's Pay Square" &

                                  "Shandong Maritime Custom 50 Tael Boat" in Categories and Regions

12.22.2000 Add "Honan 50 Tael Boat (Ho50/3)" in Categories and Regions

12.21.2000 Add "Stock Certificate of Dien-Su (Yunnan-Szechuan) Tern Yue Railway Co. of Hsuan Tung Period (Unissued)" in Papers

12.20.2000 Add "Hobei 10 Tael Boat (Hb10/2)" in Categories and Regions

12.19.2000 Add "An Unusual Vietnamese Drum or Round (Msl/3)" in Categories

12.18.2000 Add "Photo: A Billboard and Tax Collectors of Beijing in 1916" in Related Subjects

12.17.2000 Papers established.

                         Move "Bonds and Shares" from Related Subjects to Papers 

                         Add "Sycee Notes", "Sycee Checks", "Sycee Drafts" and "Other Papers" in Papers

12.16.2000 Add "Valuation of Sycee" in Sycee Talks

                                    &  "Chinese Historical Silver Ingots" in Publications

                           &  "The Legendary Currency of The Late Ching Dynasty" in Publications

                           &  "A Catalogue of Yunnan Historical Silver Ingots" in Publications

                                    &  "A Canton Portable Weighing Scale" in Related Subjects 

12.15.2000 Add "A Catalogue of Chinese Taels" in Publications                        

12.14.2000 Add "Sycee Silver" in Publications

                                  &  "Historical Currency in Shanxi China" in Publications

                           More info on Yu/1 of Yuan Dynasty

12.13.2000 Add "The Historical Currencies of Yunnan" in Publications

12.12.2000 Add "The Pictorial Yuanbao" in Publications

                                  &  "Boat Unknown Origin" in Categories and Regions

12.11.2000 Add "Research on the Gold and Silver in the Tang and Sung Period" in Publications

12.10.2000 Add "Photo: A Local Bank in Beijing in 1921" in Related Subjects

                            & "Photo: Portrait of Tong Fong Chai-An Early Yunnan Banker" in Related Subjects

                            & "A Catalogue of Sycee in the British Museum" in Publications

12.09.2000 Add "Fake Sycee" in Sycee Talks 

                            & "Fujien Jou Chun Yuan 10 Tael Steamed Bun (Fjr/2)

                            & "Jiangsu Tung Yu Firm 5 Tael Round (Jsu5/4)" in Categories and Regions 

                            & "An Inscribed Chinese Ingot of the XII Century A.D." in Publications

12.07.2000 Add "The Legends of Chinese Currencies" in Publications

12.06.2000 Add "Chinese Sycees" in Publications

12.05.2000 Publications established. Add in "1,000 Varieties of Chinese Sycee Collection of Su Yin Tang

12.03.2000 Add "Shandong 10 Tael One-Winged Boat (Sd10/5)" in Categories and Regions

                            & "Buried Treasure of Emperor Wan Li of Ming Dynasty" in Sycee Talks 

11.24.2000 Sycee Talks Established. 

                         Add "A Sycee Evidencing a Piece of History

11.21.2000 Add "Bonds and Shares" in Related Subjects 

11.20.2000 Grand Opening.

                        Home, History, Categories and Related Subjects established.

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